Melville Escapes

Melville House



KY15 7RJ


Terms and Conditions of Use

All guests are requested to adhere to the following terms and conditions :

No pets are allowed to accompany guests to Melville House Property. We do not allow this out of care for any guests who may have allergies or conditions affected by animal hair.

Guests are expected to keep any rubbish they have contained in the bins provided within the properties. Further bins are located at the top of the driveway.

All properties at Melville House are strictly Non-Smoking. This includes the smoking of e-cigarettes. Guests are welcome to smoke outside but we kindly ask that you do not drop cigarette ends on the ground but dispose of them in the bins within the properties once properly extinguished.


Please be considerate of other guests by reducing noise late at night.


Cancellation policy.

We offer a full refund on all cancellations one week or more before arrival. Within the week prior to arrival we will offer a 40% refund but we are unable to give any refund for cancellations within 48 hours of the arrival date.